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Your marketing campaigns deserve great tech

We help brands come up with creative campaign strategies anchored on technology to foster participation and connection. This is all made possible thanks to our partnerships, an agile and creative team, and scalable technology. Automate your campaigns and track their performance in real time reducing your over reliance on third parties to run campaigns. Track consumer behavior and create targeted campaigns for a higher ROI and increased customer lifetime value.

Our Belief

You thought you are doing it right?

Traditional marketing and promotional strategies are bland. The duplication of rewards like discounts and bundled offers do not drive brand connection and affinity. While it could be exciting for most marketers to report a high uptake on an offer during the onset of a campaign, the participation is usually weaned off in due time because of other competing offers on shelf.

Repetitive and ‘thoughtless’ sales offer like discounts shift focus from your brand. Your customers will relate more to the offer than the brand. Unless you have a strong brand equity, building a brand on discounts is futile.

Coupon Business believes that every buyer is not just a statistic, but human. The uniqueness of each buyer highlights the need for personalized offers and communication to increase the customer lifetime value. Because of this, we advocate for creative campaign solutions that have an emotional bonus. We help brands come up with experiential rewards that foster participation and connection.

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