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Case Studies

Month End Campaigns

With consumers resorting to trade downs or churning as some of their mitigation measures due to inflation, brands have to identify new channels of engaging with their customers.

The month end campaign dubbed ‘Jaza Shoppe’ provided an avenue for brands of essential items to collaborate and issue an attractive bouquet offer. The bouquets were categorized as premium and economy bundle to target the different customer segments. Brands can leverage this to increase the awareness of the brands within their product mix.

Back to School Campaigns

Collaborative campaigns help brands tap into each other’s database and reduce their cost of advertising by 40%.

The Back to School collaborative campaign was the first and original concept in Kenya created by our team of creative marketers. Its aim was to answer the pain points of parents by providing access to affordable essential back to school items conveniently. Each brand in the identified categories like detergent and bar soap generated discount coupons and issued to consumers as a bouquet offer. Brands can adopt this into their marketing strategies and transform their promotions.

Weekly Campaigns

Covid accelerated the proficiency in digital interactions. This provided brands with an opportunity to explore different retail channels to reach their customers wherever they are.

Our weekly brand campaigns helped brands to achieve omni channel excellence by providing access to millions of customers across our various coupon distribution channels. By participating in a weekly campaign like the ‘<em>Jikoni Wednesday’ </em>brands were able to increase their brand awareness and amplify their discount offers. The frequency of the campaign helped to create customer anticipation and consequently influence their buying behavior.

‘Ya Bob Tu’

The informal retail sector accounts to over 80% of all retail flows. However, doing brand activations in the GT remains a challenge due to lack of proper structures.

The manufacturers coupons address this issue by providing brands with a channel of engaging with their customers at the GT level. A maize flour brand wanted to engage with customers shopping at mini marts and Kiosks. We came up with a campaign concept where the brand can use our technology to issue coupons in Kiosks. The campaign was rolled out in 100 dukas in one area and limited coupons of KES 1 for a 2kg flour were distributed to consumer shopping at these retail outlets. The brand was able to get data on all consumers who engaged with their offer and managed to increase the awareness of their brand within that area.

‘Influencer’ Bars

On-trade alcohol campaigns are mainly pegged on branding activations and sampling. Our ‘influencer’ bar concept was aimed at creating a solution of issuing discount incentives to customers in form of coupons at the on-trade channels.

Participating bars were issuing coupons during happy hours and sharing directly to their database for redemption at their premises. The campaign provided a platform for brands to run discount offers on on-trade channels seamlessly.

Store Coupons

Stores struggle to reach a wider audience when doing their promotions. This is because the offers are mostly visible to their physical shoppers, social media audience or online shoppers if they have an e-commerce shop.

A leading clothing brand retailer was used to doing seasonal offers as part of their brand promotion strategies. However, the uptake was always the same. To increase the visibility of their offers, they used our coupons platform and leveraged our distribution channels to reach a wider audience. Merchants can now break from the traditional methods of doing promotions and embrace digital consumer incentive platforms like coupons.

Corporate Value Add

Many corporates struggle to build customer engagement and experience activities. Given that a customer could belong to two or more organizations that offer the same facilities as you, how do you ensure you remain at the top the mind of this customer?

This was the worry of one of our Sacco client. They used to run seasonal campaigns for their members where they enjoyed exclusive discounts from different brands. However, the process of scouting for discounts was cumbersome considering they were working with a very lean marketing team and didn’t want to add an extra resource to handle that. By understanding the profile of their customers we were able to get seven discount partners whose services and products were relevant and relatable to their members. We ran a coupon campaign for the Sacco for a period of 6 weeks with got a success rate of 79% percent against our target of 55%. They got more engagements from their members, referrals and saw an increase in deposits. Our coupon platform will not only help your organization enhance its customer experience but also reduce the hustle and the costs incurred in engaging discount partners.

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